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Consumer Financing 2.0
Unlock a Lifetime of Higher Sales & Repeat Business with BRIDGE

Welcome to Bridge Software, an End to End, Simple and Secure, Consumer Finance Software Platform that manages the consumer credit lifecycle securely and efficiently from consumer application to contract funding.  

Bridge is the ultimate consumer finance application processing solution for retail merchants. Merchants can offer their customers the convenience and flexibility of applying for consumer financing through our platform with a single application that is submitted to all the lenders of their choice.

Unlock a Lifetime of Sales Opportunities: Capture the Highest Approval Amounts for Bigger Sales Today, and Harness Automated Re-marketing to Drive Repeat Sales Forever.

Our unique approach to loan application processing leads to more approvals for the merchant and higher quality customers for the lender. With Bridge, customers can choose from the best offers from a variety of lenders, all in one place. This reduces decline fatigue, encourages repeat customers and encourages customers to use all available credit at the merchant's store.

The Bridge Platform also provides enhanced security for all parties involved. Customers can skip any lenders they don't want to apply to, including hard credit pull lenders, and our platform saves their profile so they never have to re-enter all the information again in the future. Plus, our platform will automatically follow up with the customer for you if they have approvals they didn't use or expired declines so they can re-apply even from their own phone outside of the store.

Merchants will be notified when a customer applies through Bridge, even if the customer is not in the store. And, customers can even make a purchase or sign lender contracts while in the store or anywhere. Bridge also provides reporting statistics to the merchant regarding approvals, by lender and merchant store location.

Sign up for the Bridge Platform today and take the first step in streamlining the consumer finance application process for your business

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