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About Us

We live to integrate Cloud software using APIs.

Bridge is the first company to exist solely for API development, API integration services, and custom middleware development for Born in the Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and their clients.


Founded in 2011, Bridge focused on taking over failed software development projects – leveraging it’s founders decades of experience in software development for Internet based systems.  As an enterprise quality, test driven, custom software development firm, Bridge helped dozens of software dependent businesses of all sizes complete their SaaS and Cloud based software projects successfully.  Over time, Bridge found itself recommending that many of it’s clients leverage existing Cloud based software along with custom software applications.  Using existing SaaS platforms, along with some custom “helper” software to integrate them together, companies can have a more robust solution at a lower total cost, that can be ready faster, than completely custom solutions.


In 2017, Bridge changed it’s mission to helping Born in the Cloud Software as a Service companies and their clients.  With so many incredible Cloud based software systems available, businesses no longer need to compromise by trying to fit their business into one software vendor. Bridge enables businesses to be able to utilize the best software packages already existing in the market and integrate them.  


Typically APIs need programming so they fit your business.  With a robust software development history, Bridge can overcome incompatibilities between SaaS system APIs by writing custom software “middleware” that make the systems compatible.  When needed, Bridge writes custom software to “Bridge” the gaps.


Bridge also creates APIs for SaaS companies that don’t yet have an API, allowing them to be integrated into other best in class software solutions that their clients have already made significant investments in.


Bridge connects the world’s most successful Cloud based software systems to complete the workflows businesses need to efficiently compete in a software dependent economy.



Our Founders


Robert Clasby, CEO
22 years of Internet experience starting as one of the Internet’s first Webmasters in 1995. Robert was a pioneer in website hosting and website creation at TIAC, one of the first Internet Service Providers. He provided technical support and training of IT staff at the Harvard Business School. Robert holds a certificate in “Advanced Internet E-Commerce” from M.I.T. and has provided e-commerce consulting and programming services to such companies as Intel and Xerox. In addition to Internet technology experience, Robert has been building and developing products and start-up companies since 1991.


Mark Jones, CTO

25 years of experience discovering and analyzing complex business requirements, and designing and implementing solutions to meet them. Mark was an early pioneer in adapting the World Wide Web, as it was known in 1996, to financial services, including two years with BayBank/Bank of Boston and five years at MFS Investment Management. Mark has delivered successful projects within the culture of financial services firms for 15 years. Most recently was the VP of R&D and VP of IT at Rogue Wave Software, providing high performance cross platform software development tools and consulting to financial services, telecommunications, defense and government.