Who is FreightVerify?

FreightVerify provides complex enterprises with the groundbreaking capabilities they need to manage and optimize their extended supply chains.

FreightVerify's predictive analytics, business intelligence, real-time visibility features and ease of use are unmatched.

Whether you need a granular view of every shipment or a macro view of your extended supply network, the FreightVerify platform delivers.

How does Bridge work with FreightVerify?

Bridge is a customizable integration software product that can quickly connect FreightVerify with any system that permits integration. Allowing you to Push loads and updates to FreightVerify and maintain compliance for Ford and General Motors before the 4/15/20 deadline

FreightVerify <—> Bridge™ - $12,998

Integrates FreightVerify with other API enabled software

Creates and Updates loads on FreightVerify

Includes: Drop off/Pick up, Telematics updates, Asset tracking and more

Custom <—> Bridge™ 

The FreightVerify Bridge can be configured to integrate any feature in          FreightVerify with any other system that permits integration.

• Don't see the Bridge you need? Contact us for a quote to build it.

Bridge Integration Products

• No limits on data
• Clear, upfront pricing
• Cloud based - no on-site server necessary, fully managed support available
• Integrates with both Cloud based and On-premise systems that have public APIs
• Readily connects to many systems (included in the base price)
• Can connect to new, rare or legacy systems**
• Validates data types and mandatory fields - rejects and reports bad data
• Error reporting per transaction via email
• Enterprise quality, scalable
• Configured and Installed for you. Nothing to learn or figure out. Sit back and relax!

**Custom development costs may apply when connecting with Rare or Legacy systems that require methods other than API to connect

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