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You offer the solution to your clients and we take it from there

Bridge Works with Clients Directly or Through Our Strategic Partners
Bridge works with Born in the Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and their clients in the area of API integration.  Clients with API integrated systems are able to complete workflows across multiple systems and reduce costs by eliminating lag time, manual labor, and human errors associated with manually bridging the gap between software systems.  Bridge partners with SaaS companies to offer the API integration services to their clients.  SaaS companies gain and keep more clients by offering a API solution along with their services. 


Exceptionally Responsive to Our Clients and Partners
U.S. Based staff from our San Diego office will answer your phone calls – and if we are on the phone, we return your call within the same business day.  We respond to your emails same day as well.  If you have an emergency, we will answer or return your call after hours, 24/7/365.  If you are having an issue that can’t be resolved through your project coordinator, you can talk directly with the principles – Robert Clasby (COO) or Mark Jones (CTO).


Planned and Predictable Client Involvement with the Team
Project status is planned and predictable. We use online meetings to show progress and plan work every week. Each week, we will review what was accomplished in the previous week, demonstrate the working code on a staging server, and then discuss what will be worked on during the next week. You and your client will always know where the project stands.


Enterprise Quality Software Development Processes
Bridge practices Test Driven Development to produce extremely low defect rates. We write automated unit tests for the code we write – before we write the code itself.  Engineers report on their metrics to the team on a weekly basis to promote accountability.  We use a publishing process that utilizes a development server, staging server, and production server.  We use an automated test suite to test for regressions.   The result is a far less buggy, less risky, code release – protecting you and your client.

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