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Bridge Can Do Any API Integration

Bridge is able to complete any open system API Integration. Below are some integration products based on systems we've integrated in the past. If you see the integration you want to pursue below, feel free to add it to your Cart and checkout. After checkout, use the link provided to schedule your welcome call. If you don't see the integration product you want below, give us a call to get started.

How It Works

You are purchasing a license for Bridge integration software, which we will configure, customize and deploy for you.

• Once purchased, we will schedule a kickoff call with you to create a field map and review the specific rules and/or workflows for your integration

• Bridge is a customizable integration software that can be connected with any software that permits integration. Your integration will be customized and configured for you to fit the specific needs of your business.

• Included in the price are all configurations, customizations, rules, transformations and error reporting

• The integration software will connect one instance of System “A” with one instance of System “B”

• Integrations can be one direction or bi-directional and can both create and update data