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Gain and Keep more clients by partnering with Bridge Software

Increase Sales. Keep Clients Longer.

Are you a Born in the Cloud SaaS with an API?


  • API’s (Application Programming Interface) require programmers
  • Smaller businesses don’t have programmers on staff
  • Larger businesses want a complete, turnkey solution to reduce their risk
  • API tools require technical expertise and often fall short of client needs


Bridge Software provides API integration services, API development, and custom middleware development for Born in the Cloud SaaS companies and their clients.  We are the technical people who perform the integration for your client.


Bridge solely focuses on partnering with Born in the Cloud SaaS companies to provide API Integration services for their client base. Bridge provides FREE integration quotes during the sales process. Paid by the client, we act as your professional services solution for API integrations at no cost to you.

Do you want to win more sales when your solution is in competition with tier one competitors such as Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and other dominant market players?


Your salespeople can close more sales by providing an API integration solution during the sales process. 


Why? Clients will be more likely to make a buying decision by eliminating the unknown of how much an integration will cost and how long it will take.  For many prospects, lack of an integration solution is a deal breaker.

Do you want to keep clients longer? As the API integration space heats up, SaaS platforms need to integrate in order to compete.


Your company can reduce customer churn by integrating with other SaaS’s.


Why? Clients with integrated systems and workflows built around those systems are less likely to move to a competitor.

Bridge connects the world’s most successful Cloud based software systems to complete the workflows businesses need to efficiently compete in a software dependent economy.


Bridge services include API development, API integrations, and custom middleware development for Born in the Cloud SaaS companies and their clients.


We build the “Bridge” between software systems.

U.S. Owned and Operated.
Owned by two of the Internet’s original “webmasters” – developing web apps in 1995; directly managing the worlds best API software development team today.

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