Who is PipelineDeals?

PipelineDeals is a software platform that combines CRM and sales engagement tools to help organizations build processes for boosting sales productivity, growing revenue, and increasing profitability. Equipped with sales focused features, a simple and intuitive UI, customizable user experience, and world-class customer support, PipelineDeals is designed to help sales teams establish game-changing customer relationships and automate redundant sales productivity tasks.

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How does Bridge work with PipelineDeals?

Bridge customizable integration products can connect PipelineDeals to any system with an API. This allows you to share and transfer data between systems and maximize their utility. 

PipelineDeals <—> Bridge™

• Integrates PipelineDeals with other API enabled software systems
• Creates and Updates Contacts to or from PipelineDeals and other systems
• Includes: First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, Company, Contact type and Notes
• Additional fields and custom fields*

Deals <—> Bridge™

• Added to PipelineDeals Bridge™, to integrate Deals/Opportunities with other API enabled systems

Bridge Integration Products

• No limits on number of contacts or data
• Clear, upfront pricing
• No limits on number of contacts or data
• Clear, upfront pricing
• Cloud based - no on-site server necessary, fully managed support available
• Integrates with both Cloud based and On-premise systems that have public APIs
• Readily connects to many systems (included in the base price)
• Can connect to new, rare or legacy systems*
• Validates data types and mandatory fields - rejects and reports bad data
• Error reporting per transaction via email
• Enterprise quality, scalable
• Configured and Installed for you.  Nothing to learn or figure out. Sit back and relax!

*Consultation and Custom Development Fees may apply

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