Bridge for ActiveCampaign - Deep Data Add-On

• Added to ActiveCampaign Bridge™ to integrate E-Commerce Systems with ActiveCampaign
• Captures orders and abandoned carts from E-Commerce systems and sends the data to ActiveCampaign


You are purchasing a license for Bridge integration software, which we will configure, customize and deploy for you.

• Once purchased, we will schedule a kickoff call with you to create a field map and review the specific rules and/or workflows for your integration

• Bridge is a customizable integration software that can be connected with any software that permits integration. Your integration will be customized and configured for you to fit the specific needs of your business.

• Included in the price are all configurations, customizations, rules, transformations and error reporting

• The integration software will connect one instance of System “A” with one instance of System “B”

• Integrations can be one direction or bi-directional and can both create and update data

Bridge for ActiveCampaign - Deep Data Add-On


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